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(Amor and) Psyche – How to Become a Superhero
A play for people aged 8 and up

Foto: Christopher Deutsch
Foto: Christopher Deutsch

Psyche is so beautiful that the whole world envies her for her beauty. No prince dares to ask for her hand... That's what the ancient fairy tale "Amor and Psyche" by Apuleius says.
But here we depart from the romantic spiel and things take a different turn:
Psyche doesn't fall in love with Amor. To avoid punishment by Venus, she doesn't receive help from gods but from hard-working ants and dark dragons. With their help, she outsmarts monster sheep and crosses the realm of the dead. One adventure follows the next until Psyche realizes that she possesses a supernatural power that can help her become a goddess herself.

Foto: Christopher Deutsch

Performance & Music: Lea Kallmeier, Manuel Loos, Maria Trautmann, Pia Alena Wagner

Text & Direction: Thorsten Bihegue

Set Design: Michael Habelitz

Costume Design: Esther van de Pas

Production Assistance: Marlene Helling

Co-Produced with Prinz Regent Theater Bochum

Premiered on November 29, 2020 at Prinz Regent Theater Bochum

Supported by:

Landesbüro freie Darstellende Künste e.V.
Stadt Bochum

Regionalverband Ruhr

Sparkasse Bochum