Junge Bühne Bochum


Musical storytelling theatre on the topic of plastic, with lots of music
For children, teenagers, and adults aged 9 and above

Foto: Diana Küster

The play addresses the question of what would happen if an environmental disaster of immeasurable proportions changed our planet so that plastic was the only available resource with which people could secure their survival.

Using the means of storytelling theatre and music, the three performers tell the story of the girl Nalu. She lives in the midst of a boundless ocean on a small island. Few islanders dive as well as she does. But those who are able to dive deep down into the ocean can find the life-saving PI. But more and more often Nalu is coming back from her dives with empty hands. Until one day she discovers something in the sea that she has never seen before. Something that is not PI…

Cast: Maria Trautmann, Michael Habelitz, Manuel Loos

Writer and Director: Martina van Boxen