Junge Bühne Bochum


Co-operation with Junges Schauspielhaus Bochum

In the beginning was Zoom, and Zoom was at home, and at home was Zoom. And all things were somehow bland. And everything was pretty boring. That’s why Theaterrevier’s Drama Control and Junge Bühne Bochum met up on Zoom and started brainstorming. They talked: about life, about theatre. About what makes life worthwhile, the things we get upset about and how to change things. This went on for half a year. And then? Things start happening, finally! 10.000 different ideas turn into one play. About buttonholes that are too small; homework that never gets done. About itchy sweaters and parents who always have to decide everything.
The play is called: Nervt!. And it’s loud. And quiet. Five actors celebrate humanity. And theatre. They celebrate feelings, good and bad. And they celebrate community, that what we’ve been missing so badly. They open their eyes and demand the truth 24 times per second. They open their arms and promise a riot! They swing a sledgehammer and proclaim the most beautiful sound on earth. You’re right. It’s annoying. But: Five superheroes embark on a journey to find a good solution. Let’s go!

Premiered on September 12th, 2021

Winner of the 24th Dutch-German author price KAAS & Kappes 2022

Director: Thorsten Bihegue
Cast: Mourad Baaiz, Lea Kallmeier, Manuel Loos, Maria Trautmann, Lukas von der Lühe

Set Design: Michael Habelitz

Costume Designer: Esther van de Pas

Music: Manuel Loos, Maria Trautmann

Choreography: Lea Kallmeier, Pia Wagner